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andosia fair
16 July 2009 @ 09:43 am
I went to the midnight showing... and walked out less than half way through.

What an absolutely hideous failure. Are we, the fans, supposed to go head over heels for this just because the subject is Harry Potter? Mr. Kloves, please, stop writing the HP scripts, you are bloody horrible at it.

The beginning was stiff and rushed. Dumbledore of this film, like the previous one, is far from a great wizard. He reminds me of a bitter, sloppy, mentally ill, homeless man (he always looks so... grubby). There is very little affection, or evidence whatsoever of a special relationship between Potter and Dumbledore, just us being told one exists. This movie was about the HBP, right? Because I am pretty certain the one I saw was mostly about Lavender and Ron. Tom Riddle? Lamest Voldypants there ever was. Special effects, fine, nice and all. Acting, good, some were even exceptional. Where was the new Minister of Magic? It didn't feel... as terrifying as it could have been, as it should have been. So much seriously wonderful humor was tossed out and pathetic one-liners, no doubt for hopeful cheap laughs, thrown in instead. Emotion, minimal at best.

Absolute and utter shame for not including the beginning of the story, where Dumbledore gets Harry at the Dursleys and informs him of Sirius' will, and then proceeds to call out the Dursleys for the abuse and neglect they put Harry through. But I suppose doing so wouldn't keep with the movies careless/bitter/sloppy/nutter version of Dumbledore. Why burn down the Weasley's home? What happens to them now? Why wasn't Harry punished for attacking Draco? Where are consequnces? Just jumping from one thing to the next, in a sloppy rush. Narcissa, really? Honestly? She didn't seem upset at all to me about Draco, there was hardly any tension, worry, concern, fear, or anything for that matter. That entire scene could have been a conversation about the weather. By the way, Kloves, if you're going to steal lines from the books how about giving them to the characters that say them? I am so sick of you doing that. I'm glad I walked out and missed the pathetic ending.

Afterwards I had to explain the movie to people who didn't read the books, because they had so many questions, and were confused by the absurd story line.

" it was like Kloves ripped out entire sections of the story and took what was left and threw it in a blender."
I said that, me. Yes it's Potter, not an intellectual or intensely emotional film, but does it have to be... such filth? For shame. Am I let down? Not really, I mean, I have seen the previous movies so I did know what to expect, rubbish again.
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andosia fair
15 December 2007 @ 11:32 pm
Yesterday I decided to brave the savage holiday shoppers and countless muggles so that I may grab my own copy of the Order of the Phoenix DVD to add to my growing Potter movie collection. Hours upon my return, and with many mundane things in between, I finally sat in the comfort of my home to watch it, only to find seconds in I was remembering all over again what an ridiculous and terribly scripted movie it is. I had such high expectations, as it was my favourite book, but alas there it is destroyed for the eyes.

I think the actors did well, but the story. Plucked, twisted, distorted and thrown into a blender, stamped with the HP logo and offered to the masses who so eagerly gobble it up despite its stench. Ah, well. Nothing to be done about it.

I fear for the HBP, and am not looking forward to it in the slightest.
andosia fair
24 October 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Know that I made this out of love :)

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andosia fair
24 October 2007 @ 01:33 pm

I'm sorry it's just too funny.
andosia fair
12 July 2007 @ 12:10 pm
I went. I saw. I frowned, repeatedly.
It could have been worse. Far, far, worse.

Standouts IMHO:
Uh, Dudley? Cough *lame* cough.
Aunt Petunia or desperate housewife?
Is Uncle Vernon on the edge of blowing up?
Who watered down Gred and Forge? In fact, where did everyone go?
Shame to not include Moody's buttocks line, could have used a lot more laughs.
Luna was completely lovely. Bellatrix was perfect. Umbridge, hem, hem, close enough.
Tonks was in there, barely.
No quidditch, no broom stealing by the pink one, and the Weasley's big exit... not so big.
Yes they skipped HUGE parts. Yes they mixed up lines. Yes they made the big things much, much smaller (but at least included them... I guess). And sure they even mixed up the order of a few things. It wasn't as emotional, maybe because the scenes were so short. You don't get to properly hate Umbridge or see Harry's frustration. By the way, Luna believes in a lot more than nargles, thank you very much. The kiss came up fast and took too long to be done with. It felt... limited and hurried through much of the movie. I would have tacked on another 30 minutes and included more story, but that's obviously just me. The ending was well done, though out of character completely for Harry to give Malfoy the you-know-what, and I thought good old Voldypants was possessing for much more than he would really be able to handle. But it was more story than the previous action-film-skimped-story. I admit I was let down, this is my favourite book thus far, but not my favourite movie and I was really hoping it would be. PoA remains my favourite.

Sunday I picked up the OOTP Wii game. I played it last night, for about 20 seconds. Not liking it at all. The characters are annoying, and poorly drawn. It reminds me of old school horror/mystery computer games. Oh well.
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andosia fair
14 June 2007 @ 05:46 am
J.K.Rowling.com has removed the "Do not disturb" sign to reveal the third and final W.O.M.B.A.T test, which is reportedly also the most difficult test she's given fans. I'm nervous. What if I get a T!?!

andosia fair
16 March 2007 @ 04:57 pm
Last night reading PoA for the seven hundred and fifty second time (or so it seemed) I smiled over the reneweal of the thought that Snape is a vampire. Aside from all the bat-like references J.K. constantly provides for Snape, combined with his constant night wanderings and avoidance of daylight, through all of her books, one that is often overlooked, but strikingly obvious, lies within one quick line PoA.

Snape silkily tries to attract the students attention to Lupin and his, let's say, delicate condition, by entering the class and heading straight to werewolves. It's well remembered that he assigns an essay dedicated to the subject and critisizes the class for not being able to recognize one. Later what we miss is when Harry returns from his secretive, Invisibility Cloak covered, excursion to Hogsmeade, and is well suspected by Snape after Draco Malfoy reports spotting his uncovered head floating about near the premises of the Shrieking Shack, Lupin comes to the rescue shortly after Harry's posession of the Marauders map is revealed. It is here, in the presence of Snape, Harry and Ron, Lupin smoothly escourts Harry to safety by mentioning he needs ".. a word about my vampire essay, - excuse us, Severus -".

What a peculiar coincidence, wouldn't you say?
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andosia fair
09 March 2007 @ 06:42 pm
Oh, delicious pondering, bitter and sweet.
I've been watching the films again, and already opened book one. I love to re-read them in order before the release of a new book, and this is it, isn't it? The last book.

I keep swaying back and fourth over what may or may not happen. It's absolutely compelling. Harry is the hero, I still think he dies, or he should die. Hero's don't go on. Isn't there a unspoken rule that they must end tragically? Sacrifices are what makes a hero, not bravery, but love. I would not gasp of shock to find Harry giving his life to save another (or others). If Harry lives, well, in my mind it is unthinkable. His death is the only happy ending.

The curious circumstances of Dumbledore's death.
We all know Snape did it, and I am wondering again, why? I know some stand their ground insisting Dumbledore asked Snape to do it. He did not fear death, that was always clear, but isn't asking someone to kill you comparable to killing yourself? Having an acceptance of death and all that comes after is one thing, but desiring to die is another entirely. Why would Dumbledore make such a request of Snape? He was a brilliant wizard, if not the most. I don't see him making a request for his life to be taken, it seems unreasonable and far fetched. I expect he always came up with solutions for the most complicated of problems, and death was never on a list of options.
What did Dumbledore's death, assuming he requested it from Snape, accomplish? J.K. says he had to die so Harry, the hero, can go on alone. Understandable, but that is no reply for Dumbledore's reasoning. It is quite difficult to envision him sitting with Snape over a Butterbeer and saying "Listen, Severus, should the deatheaters or old Voldy-pants come bursting in one day, kill me to save Draco and prove you're on their side".

I don't buy it. He would have come up with many ways to save Draco and protect Snape, clever, safe, respectful ways. Ways to keep him with Harry, not from him and causing him additional pain. Obviously then this puts me in the category of "Snape did it of his own accord", but I am constantly swayed to which side he truly is. There is no simple good and bad perspective here, people are not one or the other, and to an enemy one is always bad regardless of what side they are on. Why did Snape do it? Was it purely the Unbreakable Vow and him saving his own hook nosed self? Is it because he loves or loved Narcissa? Was it to show off to Bellatrix and get her to shut her yap? Did Snape tell Dumbledore what he did? What if I die before the book comes out?

Merlin's beard, I'm not going to make it!
andosia fair
13 January 2007 @ 02:22 am
I still think Harry dies, and he may be a descendent of Godric Gryffindor, and the scar is a possible horcrux. I cannot wait to find out what does happen. JK says the ending has a surprising twist, it's gotta be BIG. It just better be.